The Vomit Vault of Vechuga

When it comes to spooky, I like my spookcream to be covered with gore, and sprinkled with puke and other non-savory bodily fluids.

I’ve used Cannibal Corpse covers as dungeon dressing, and Tetsuo transformation scenes in Akira has always been a source of inspiration.

As we’re in the spookiest month of all, I gave myself a gift and published a one page dungeon themed around bile, vomit, sauna rooms and respawning monsters straight from Doom.

Behold “The Vomit Vault of Vechuga“, a short dungeon that can be tacked on to any setting were there are undead skeletons that emerge from cesspits to claw the bowels of kings and queens.

Very Classy

Our main guest, Vechuga, doesn’t really want to fight: hang around his deadly sauna long enough and he might give a gift.

As an ancient demon, he’s able to offer advice on a myriad of topics, just as long as you don’t mess with his pets hidden in cyclopean urns full of poison.

If the party is of bellicose nature, killing Vechuga will trigger the spawning of a host of Vomit Elementals, making sure that leaving the vault is much harder than getting in.

The dungeon is statted for Swords & Wizardry and Maze Rats, which helps further adaptation to most other games oldschool or not.

As always, it’s PWYW. However, DTRPG only ranks sales that are at least 0.20 cents.

If you happen to like this offering, consider making a purchase, as it’ll help with the exposure that comes with reaching Copper and Silver status.

Moreover, all the money I make on DTRPG goes straight into gaming – this way, every bit goes back into the indie game community.

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