How Anne (DIY & Dragons) kept me from nuking this blog

Anne seems like a really cool person.

Her blog ( is chock-full of actual play logs that are nice to read, and more than once I outright used stuff straight from the blog – apparently once we shared an obssession on Dwarven Cities.

But what kept me from nuking my own blog were the comments on my post about witches that steal penises.

Now, this was the first post where I said “screw this, I’m writing about what I think is funny”. Up until then, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to blog – Google+ was desintegrating, the OSR “community” was fractured and my own relationship with gaming was changing – I had a very active gaming group, but I felt it was interfering with my other professional and family obligations.

But I wrote it anyway. And I did it in the waiting line at the hospital, pondering whether writing “penis” in a RPG blog post would ban me to the shadow realms.

Bear in mind that English is not my native language, and while technical reading and writing is a skill that I’m always practicing and learning, being funny in another language is really hard.

So, there I was writing spells about stealing dicks, male genitalia sprouting tiny feet and wandering about, and generally feeling good about myself. After that, I noticed some comments, and Anne’s comment was among them – kind words indeed.

That kind of connection – with her and everybody else – is why I write this stuff, and why I put all those PWYW stuff on RPG Drivethru. A purely mental connection, strung together from games and amusement at medieval superstitions.

And that is the kind of connection that brought me from a funk a couple of years ago, something very much in need through these troubling times. Right now we’re on the “Yellow September” campaign, and I can’t even begin to think how hard it must be for someone suffering in isolation.

Therefore, just as I had a blast sharing all the weirdness, and seeing that I was not alone, I hope however is reading this doesn’t feel alone too. Gaming is a powerful tool to lessen one’s burden, and I’ll keep making the weirdest, most disgusting modules I can think of, so a DM may never be unprepared to derail his own campaign.

By the way, the spark to remember all of this came when someone pointed me there’s a manga about girls stealing dicks, and feeding them like pets. While it’s NSFW, it’s not hentai – just a 8 volume dick joke. You can find it here: Sore wa Tada no Senpai no Chinko.

Don’t worry, they grow back!

2 thoughts on “How Anne (DIY & Dragons) kept me from nuking this blog

  1. Thank you for sharing that story! I’m glad that when you needed some kindness and human connection, that you were able to receive it. I’m humbled to know that something very simple I did had such a important impact on you.
    And thank you for your kind words about my blogging. I appreciate your encouragement to do more with the dwarven cities. You’ve also made me want to try a little harder to make sure to comment when I see someone’s post that I like.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Again you come through as a very kind person! Indeed, the comments on the blogs are longer lasting than the social media services that come and go. Keep your writing, you are very skilled at it.


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