Demonhead Slugmonkeys Deathpit of Hate

I had a little bit of free time and expanded upon the original Slugmonkeys Deathpit.

The premise is the same, a somewhat generic dungeon accessible through a deep pit. Maybe another entry for the list of pit traps that I posted earlier? It would make a nice change of pace for adventurers that were taught to avoid pits from their experience, to be shown the real dungeon inside of them. Or maybe have them find a dungeon in the first pit, and punish them ever after for their hubris as they descend ever deeper in every other pit found.

Anyway, here’s the map:

By me
  1. The first room is accessible through a pit trap, 35 ft. deep. It is clear of enemies. Some old bones litter the bottom of the pit trap. A great oak door is nailed shut, but not locked.
  2. After it, a 5 ft. deep pit, lined with mudbricks, is home to 2d12 dog-sized slugs (1 HD, armour as leather), which coat the floor with a very sticky goo. Whenever one of them dies, it emits an ear-piercing shriek, alerting the giant slug in the cave, on a roll of 1 to 2 (1d8). The pit and the corridor after it have hundreds of chains hanging from the ceiling. 1d8 ghoul howler monkeys (as ghoul, but able to move through brachiation)  hang above adventurers, waiting to literally get the drop on them, with only the faint sound of the dangling chains to alert their victims.
  3. Another pit trap. Adventurers will notice that it’s the only section of the floor not covered in goo, since the slugs leanred to stay away from a resetting pit trap. A 25 ft. shaft ends in a 5 ft. tall duct.
  4. The room is carved from rough hewn stone, and smells like an abattoir. A vengeful ghost resides here – Demetrius, a long lost adventurer that was sacrificed by his evil companions centuries ago.
  5. The grinning face of a demon overlooks a shallow grave covered by a heavy but unlocked iron grate. Any shaman or priest will be able to hear the demon’s voice loud an clear, promising great power if someone lies in the grave while a man-sized or greater mammal is sacrificed over the grate. Anyone partaking in such grizzly ritual will gain one level, but will also be possessed by an evil murderous spirit, that will manifest itself in the following days.
  6. gargantuan slug (7 HD, armour as leather) alternates between lurking in the pool of black water built in the back of the cave – which gives access to an underground lake – and eating one of the smaller slugs in the pit (50% chance of being in the cave at any given delve). When fighting in the corridor, it’s large enough to fill the whole corridor. The goo secreted when it moves deals 1d4 dmg/round to leather or skin, eating away boots and shoes.
  7. A pool of clear water, where a nymph is imprisioned by her kin. She is actually possessed by one of the evil spirits in room 5, and will encourage others to submit themselves to the ritual.
  8. The small alcove accessible by a short iron ladder is 10 ft. high, and littered with scraps of bones and skin, housing the ghoul howler monkeys when they are not playing with the smaller slugs. Treasure collected from previous adventurers can be found amidst the garbage.
  9. A hidden door situated 10 ft. above ground. There aren’t chains hanging from the ceiling in front of it, as a sign to help cultists find the entrance to the temple above. The first 4 steps are hollow and will crumble if under the weight of an adult, triggering the ballista behind them. The spear sized projectile should be able to impale a couple of invaders.
  10. These are the skulls of the slaves used in the construction of this complex, all eager to talk with whoever possesses the skill of talking to the dead. A bone coloured ooze (5 HD, armour as leather) may be living under the pile of bones. It seeks fresh meat to finish the reproduction cycle.
  11. Frescoes depicting warriors fighting to the death ornate the walls of the Demonhead Portal chamber. The figures are clearly mutated, and wield vicious weapons with many blades. While inactive, the portal looks like a pitch-black wall, unless the correct chanting and rituals are performed, when it turns into a two-way door to Hell (choose your own suitable nether realm and evil inhabitants. I’d suggest something along the lines of Shao Kahn, in all his sledgehammer wielding and bondage strap wearing glory).
  12. A silvery stream erupting from a natural rock wall ends in an impossibly deep pool. The liquid looks like quicksilver, but it’s actually liquid hate. Merely touching it makes humanoids go into a murderous rampage for several minutes. It can be gathered in flasks and bottles, maintaining it’s fury inducing properties for years.

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