WarStuff Battle Report: Dwarven artillery vs. Undead

Although I’m a Horde of the Things enthusiast, I’ve found that WarStuff is a little bit easier to teach, albeit it exchanges tactical depth for customization of the units with “gamey” abilities.

Using my HotT based units, we pitched the Dwarven Artillery Detachment against the Undead.

The D.A.D. are Baccus 6mm: really nice sculpts… However, I’ve been thinking strips of units are preferable to single models, such as the ones packed by Microworld.

Dwarven Lord
Dwarven Infantry

The Undead are actually composed of two different armies from Microworld: undead and Dark Alliance.

The models by MicroWorld are chunkier, individually based and a little bit over 6mm. They’d be the “heroic” sized 6mm.

I like Microworld minis because they’re easy to paint, and with a single skirmish pack (around $17) you can field a 24 pt. army with different units.

The undead force was composed of skeletons, a Lord mounted on a warbeast and a skeleton chariot.

The Lord on beast facing the dwarven king

Here’s the first round of the battle:

The dwarven slingers fired mercillesly on the advancing undead. I bought Long Range for them, and it was an overkill. Alas, my opponent did not use cover and charged directly onto my lines.

A stray boulder fired at maximum range killed his lord, and the center units clashed.

We ruled that ranged attackers could fire into melee, which was a dumb idea and unjustly gave me an advantage.

For the next two rounds I whittled away the health of his Tough undead, and he rolled badly, only killing my lord.

All things considered, it was a fun game, and gave me motivation to finish painting more units!